A workshop that helps people get back to work is a benefit for any job-seeker, and a vehicle for corporations to do the right thing in lay-off situations. Our workshops for companies, jobs-groups, and governmental agencies bring comprehensive, professional assistance and provide solutions to job-seekers, with quality, empathy, and results
Professional Writing, Marketing, Branding

With professional writing, you get professional results, a professional image, and a brand that sets your company apart. Whether you need marketing pieces, standard business correspondence, social networking assistance, or professional presentations, our staff can improve your corporate image.
Consulting in Short Bursts…

Our solution is to provide eight hours a month of help for your company or your municipality. And, those eight hours can be used monthly, or saved up for a special project. You can use four hours this month, two hours next month, and 18 hours the following month. Or, you may have a short term project you couldn’t get to, and use 20 hours this month, but zero for the next two or three months. You decide, you schedule, you allocate.
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Our Promise To Our Clients…

Whether we’re teaching workshops, providing marketing and branding assistance, implementing writing projects, or helping in some other way, we always strive for:
  • CLARITY – In all of our communications with our clients, and in the communications we provide for our clients, we speak plain English. We keep our commitments, we follow through on our promises, and we do all we can to retain your business.
  • HONESTY – We are proud of the ethics we bring to our business dealings. We attempt to bring an honest approach to every aspect of our professional and personal lives
  • QUALITY – To paraphrase Garrison Keillor, Whatever you do - do it well. We take that seriously.
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