Helping people to maximize the effectiveness of their job-searches…
…with support, empathy, respect, and professionalism
We offer a series of six to ten semi-weekly meetings to help unemployed, underemployed and at-risk employees to jump-start a search for a new career. These meeting times can be tailored to fit group needs, but we’ve provided this work since 2009, and we have the materials, the experience, the structure, and the coaching to help people enhance their job searches.

These sessions may be sought by governmental groups attempting to help citizens in a hard-hit area, or by companies whose executives want to exhibit that good corporate citizenship, by providing their laid-off employees a head-start and a hand-up in finding new employment.

Our workshops can be offered in shorter, more-intense formats for those organizations that need to streamline the process, but we have found that our typical five week, ten-meeting structure is most effective, and gets results.
Groups are typically limited to 24, but we can bring in more resource for group sessions of up to 150 people.

An organic environment unfolds during these sessions, and as discussions evolve, it shows where people feel they need additional help or further discussion. A large part of the group benefit seems to result from the positive feelings and bonding that individuals obtain from one another; and, our staff members have all gone through the employment search process, so they empathize and relate to the audience, and have history to illustrate their messages. The agenda below shows a sample of covered topics, but is by no means a full schedule of the work we provide:
  • Morale & attitude
  • Ethics & Work Habits
  • Economy & economics of the job search
  • Networking
  • Team-building
  • Today’s search techniques vs 1990, or even 2005
  • Industry trends
  • Targeting companies to work for
  • Tricks of the search
  • Assistance available to job-seekers from other sources
  • Working sessions on:
    • Elevator Speeches
    • Networking Techniques
    • Resume Writing
    • Interview Role-playing
    • Phone Interviews
    • Other individual work-sessions as needed
  • Additional sessions, and one-on-one may be scheduled

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