What Are Others Saying About Us?

Here are some comments we have received since 2009:
I have had the pleasure of working with Curt MacRae, of Human Transitions, in an effort to develop new, quality marketing materials for my company, Baylore Acceptance Corporation, while enhancing our brand recognition in a variety of ways. The results have been extremely valuable in terms of improving out professionalism in our client communications, generating new marketing materials and programs that we can use now, and adapt to future needs, and standardizing and enhancing our brand in the marketplace. More
Tom Moore, President, Baylore Acceptance Corporation, Feb 2012

"I really feel I got a great deal from Curt's workshop. He helped me get over what looked to be a big job hunting slump. And the professional contacts continue to be beneficial. I highly recommend his program to anyone looking for work and have referred more then a few friends.”
Chris Corliss, Jun 2011

“… dealing with unemployment with humor, thought provoking words and straight to the point writings. … Curt is living what we are living and is giving us hope during our difficult times. His GET TO WORKshop has helped many, by assisting them to see their value. He articulates hope to so many.”
Mary Anne Britton, Oct, 2009

“I found Curt to be straight forward, personable, and reliable. I appreciated his inventive ideas and unique ways of approaching problems. I am fortunate to have been able to get to know and learn from Curt and would recommend him instantly whenever possible.”
Rick Coppens, Jun 2010

“I attend Curt’s GET TO WORKshops and find him to be well informed and very helpful. Curt is awesome when helping his group and I found him to be a great mentor. Curt is enthusiastic and positive and is making a difference for the people attending his group sessions.”
Gary Cochran, Dec 2009

“Curt is an insightful writer. As a career workshop facilitator, I have quoted Curt several times and often refer job-seekers to his column. His use of humor and personal stories illustrate his points well and help the reader truly grasp the concepts he is communicating.”
Barbara Ann Wilson, Oct 2009

“I highly recommend working with Curt MacRae. He is a fantastic positive source helping connect people to resources with the GET TO WORKshops at Human Transitions. I worked with Curt on several different occasions in 2009 and in 2010. He is prompt, efficient and delivers high quality end products to his customers, clients and team members.”
Susan Bredeken, Nov 2010

“Curt will always go the extra mile for his clients. I not only endorse Curt as a great source, but also as a very good friend”
Feb, 2009 Bill Jury

“Curt was the only contact who asked questions about our needs… we took Curt’s recommendations and those suggestions saved the City thousands of dollars”
Tom Korkoske, Sep 2009

“I recommend Curt as an articulate person who cares deeply. …he does a tremendous job as a writer and workshop leader,”
Kevin Donlin, Sep 2009

“I recommend Curt in every way without reservation.”
Steve Schafer, Aug 2009

“Great Results , High Integrity”
Kevin Hoppe, Nov 2008

“Undivided attention and the unique ability to connect in a variety of professional situations; I met Curt while he was chairperson of a “Guerrilla Job Search Seminar” in which he coordinated the activities of a group of job searchers, and a best selling author in our nation’s toughest job market. His abilities as a leader were demonstrated in his ability to keep the group’s attitude positive, he kept us on task (the author’s participation and our participant’s inclusion in the program were predicated on keeping up-to-date on the assigned tasks) and he always listened intently to our questions and our struggles with our assignments. His advice was always based upon the individual’s circumstances, a sure sign that he listens intently and knows how to connect with people as individuals. In summary Curt is a great guy to do business with, a firm taskmaster and a man with impeccable ethics, and he has that special skill of treating everyone like the proverbial million dollar customer.”
Tim Parker, Jul 2011

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