Professional Writing & Branding

Ongoing business correspondence… Every communication with any business contact can impact that business relationship. Ensure that your impacts are strong and professional. Press releases, letters to customers, memos to staff, email blasts, employee manuals, policy statements, and general correspondence should all be planned and professional.

But, there isn’t time, you say? How much do you lose by not taking the time, or making the effort, to put forth your most professional image? How many times have you noticed a letter sent to a customer, which you wish you had caught before it hit the mailbox? Do you wish you had re-written and reviewed that letter first?

Perhaps, if you had standard letters in place, that were professional, well-written, concise messages to your clients, your staff could access those and use them multiple times. Maybe you could store a series of email blasts that are reviewed and approved, and your staff could access those professionally-developed pieces. We can punch up the general communication products of your company, whether you’re communicating to employees, customers, prospects, suppliers, or any other contact. We can generate regular, boilerplate templates that will give your company a professional image in every form of communication.

Websites… Websites are designed to help users navigate easily and logically, but creative design can't do it alone. You need well-written content to promote your products and services, increase traffic, and retain customers – you need a website that communicates effectively to today's Internet users.

We’ll give you an edge as you build your online presence. We'll produce text for your site that's free and clear of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. And, with our attention to detail and style, your website will also maintain a consistent tone throughout, reflecting your company's distinct personality and flavor.

Plus, we'll get it done efficiently, working closely with you and your Web designers or developers to pull it all together – freeing you up to focus on your normal work schedule.

After investing so much to develop an online presence, don't risk the quality and effectiveness of the one thing people are ultimately looking for: content. Give your Web presence a distinctive voice.
Marketing Material… Are your marketing materials earning you the opportunity to do business? Marketing takes a little flash a little color and professional words to turn your prospects into leads, and ultimately into customers. While some company teams take the attitude of “we’ll write something up for our marketing pieces,” pro-active, professional executives find a an expert to to create the words that will help build a company’s image

No marketing piece will sell a prospect on its own; you still need a great product or service. But, a poorly-crafted piece can remove you from the mix. Give your sales team the best chance of success with professional, well-written, creative materials, that show the professionalism and the benefits of working with your company.
Social Networking... It is important to enhance your brand on social networking sites and Human Transitions can assist you.

Whether you want to set up a Twitter account, or you need to build your company and personal presence on LinkedIn, we can ensure you have a presence and that it is a positive influence for those who view it.

There are some tricks to using tools like LinkedIn, which are free but only valuable when used productively. We’ll help you use them effectively.

We build LinkedIn profiles for corporate and personal use that get noticed, and we can assist in other social networking efforts for Twitter, Facebook, and others. If you’re in business, and you aren’t using social / business networking tools, you’re missing out on opportunity.

Build your presence, and enhance your brand, on line.  LinkedIn PresentationLinkedIn for example
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